Solar Thermal could be the energy solution you're looking for, read on...

What is Solar Thermal?

Using the suns rays the system heats water in a cylinder to provide hot water at your taps all year round.

There is a collector on the roof which captures the heat and then that is transferred to a hot water tank which will store it until you need it. Although very efficient you will still need to boost your water by a boiler or immersion heater to provide all your needs through winter and for radiators. You can in fact design a system to provide all your hot water but it wont be very cost effective.


  • Sunlight is free so after installation any hot water it provides is also free.
  • As sunlight is heating your water your gas/electricity/oil bill will go down as its not being used as much.
  • For every KW of heat you generate from the sun is a KW you haven’t had to burn anything for so your Carbon footprint will go down as you save Kg’s of CO2.

Suitable for me?

You need a roof with a sunny aspect to make the most of your investment. Facing south is ideal though many people have systems from east through to west facing. They can also be ground mounted if this is more effective or desired.

Do you already have a hot water tank? Solar hot water systems need one so if yours cannot be adapted or one does not exist a new one and its pipework will need to be installed.

If you have a combi boiler additional pipework or a different boiler may be needed, this depends greatly on what system you have and how old it is.

Costs and savings.

Costs of a new system can be around £3000 to 4,500 depending on your requirements for pipework and new cylinders.

Savings are depend on your water usage and normal method of heating water with the system normally being design to meet all your hot water needs in summer and 50-70% of them taken over the year.

There is little maintenance involved though occasional checks are recommended.


3 Bed

High efficiency store

3-4m2 Array

In-roof Panels or High efficiency tubes

Pipework, pump station and system controller



Annual Savings off Hot Water

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